As the demand for customizing our devices grows so does the need for high-quality reliable skins. But with so many options available how do you know which one is the best choice? Dbrand is one of the most popular skin companies but it’s not the only one. Slickwraps is an excellent alternative for those looking for a different option.


Slickwraps is a popular skin company that offers a wide range of skins for a variety of devices. They have a wide selection of colors textures and styles so you can find something that fits your needs. They also have a variety of finishes including matte glossy and carbon fiber. The skins are made of high-quality materials and are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Slickwraps also offers a wide range of customization options including custom logos text and designs. They also offer a variety of accessories such as screen protectors and cases.

Pros Cons
Wide selection of skins Skins may not be as durable as Dbrand
Customization options Skins may be more expensive than Dbrand
Wide selection of accessories Shipping times may be longer than Dbrand

Dbrand alternative


Introducing Colorware a multinational technology company that has been creating aesthetically pleasing accessories since 2003. This company offers a unique approach to customising devices such as phones and laptops. By using sophisticated technology and specialised paints the products can be customised by their own colour and texture. In addition their range of skins and cases is designed to match the desired colour and texture chosen.

The customization process has been designed to make it easy for customers to create their own look. Customers simply have to choose the device they wish to customise and the graphics or text they would like on it. The company will then make it easy for them to preview the finished product.

Key features of Colorware products include long-lasting durability scratch-resistant technology easy-to-clean surfaces and the ability to customize with any colour combination. The products also come with a lifetime warranty so users can rest assured that their products are durable and reliable.

– Specialised paints used for customisation
– Unparalleled selection of skins and cases
– Easy-to-clean surfaces
– Ability to customize with any colour combination
– Lifetime warranty

– Time consuming to customise
– Product quality can vary
– Expensive


An alternative take on the tech skins and covers market is Wrappz. It is known for its unique custom-made skins and covers for some of today’s most popular tech devices. They offer a variety of different materials and finishes to give you a unique and personalised product.

The customisation process is easy and convenient. All you have to do is select the device you would like to design for upload an image or design and wait for your Wrappz product to arrive. You can also choose to have your design printed onto a soft touch or ultra matte material. The final product is guaranteed to be of a high-quality and make your device look unique.

Wrappz also offers a range of other products to help protect your tech device. You can choose from phone and laptop cases iPad covers and even mousepads. All of these products are designed to help protect your device from everyday wear and tear.

Pros Cons
High quality products Limited device selection
Easy customisation process No refund policy
Wide range of products No free shipping option

Overall Wrappz is a great alternative to Dbrand and offers a lot of products to help protect your tech device. With its easy customisation process high-quality products and a wide range of products to choose from you’re sure to find something that will make your device stand out from the crowd.


Skinit is an alternative to dbrand an American company that specializes in skinning electronic devices primarily phones cases and laptops. Unlike dbrand Skinit offers an array of customization options that allow customers to create high-quality protection skins with an artistic touch. In addition to pre-made artwork users can upload their own images and artwork to the platform. Skinit’s customization platform is both flexible and easy to use.

The company offers an extended variety of protective device covers and skins including phone cases and covers laptop skins and more. The protective skins are made with a 3M adhesive vinyl material and are thin enough to wear comfortably but thick enough to protect. Skinit also offers notebook and Macbook skins as well as waterproof and shockproof cases to keep customers’ devices extra-protected.

In contrast to dbrand?s services Skinit offers a range of pre-made artwork designs created by a team of experienced digital illustrators and graphic designers. Additionally the Skinit platform allows users to upload any custom artwork they might want to use in the final design.

Finally Skinit’s customization webpage is easy to use and includes helpful tips for new customers for a seamless customization experience. Although Skinit does not offer any installation services the company does provide helpful instructions on the installation process.

Pros vs Cons

Pros Cons
Wide selection of protective skins and device covers No installation services provided
Flexibility and easy to use platform Limited pre-made artwork selection
Customizable uploads No customization services provided


Nestled in West Mifflin Pennsylvania Decalgirl seeks to provide another option for those looking for a reliable and affordable dbrand alternative. DecalGirl began as a small business in 2003 providing its customers with stylish affordable skins and decals for devices like laptops phones and gaming consoles. Customers can customize their decals any way they like to get the exact look they want. Since then its assortment has evolved to include a wide range of cases skins and vinyl wraps for some of the most popular electronic devices.

Offering a wide selection of designs and styles Decalgirl helps you find the perfect look for your device. With its several specialty backgrounds and regular updates to their designs DecalGirl makes it easy to express your unique style. DecalGirl?s products are also of high quality made from a 3M vinyl material that can be printed with up to 10-year UV resistant inks. They also use special adhesive technology to ensure each product sticks firmly in place without any bubbling or fading due to wear and tear.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of using DecalGirl for your device?s skin:

Pros Cons
Affordable A limited selection of designs
High quality material Vinyl may start to degrade due to weather
Various customization options Difficult to remove

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