In today?s job market it can be difficult to find the right job. Many job seekers turn to online job boards such as Glassdoor to find the perfect fit. However Glassdoor isn?t the only option available. Indeed is a great alternative that offers a variety of job listings and helpful resources for job seekers.


Indeed is a job search engine that allows users to search for job postings from thousands of websites. It also provides a variety of resources such as salary information company reviews and job search tips. Users can also create a profile to save their searches and apply for jobs directly from the website.

Indeed offers a variety of features that can help job seekers find the job they?re looking for. It has a powerful search engine that allows users to search for jobs by location job title and more. It also offers a ‘Career Paths’ feature that allows users to explore different career paths and find jobs that match their skills and interests.

Indeed also provides salary information for different job titles as well as company reviews from current and former employees. This can be a great resource for job seekers who want to get an inside look at the company they?re applying to.


Pros Cons
Powerful search engine No direct application to employers
Career Paths feature No resume builder
Salary information No direct contact with employers
Company reviews No job alerts

Glassdoor alternative


Akin to Glassdoor LinkedIn is a professional space that allows its users to rate companies while also serving as a great job-search tool. The advantage of LinkedIn is that it also allows users to directly apply to jobs and makes it easy to reach out to new contacts. Its additional bonus for job seekers is that it also offers personalized job recommendations and offers direct access to thousands of companies.

However one of the downsides to LinkedIn is that the ratings and reviews do not always provide clear information when deciding to move forward with a job or not. In contrast users of Glassdoor have access to more detailed jobs reviews including salary reviews and benefits ratings from former employees or those who had interviews.

Stepping away from reviews LinkedIn is perfect for job seekers that are already established in their industry and are looking for a job suitable for them. As well as helping find the right job LinkedIn also helps users build an impressive profile which is necessary to get ahead in the job market.

To summarise the pros and cons of LinkedIn are outlined below:

Pros Cons
Easy to connect with other professionals Ratings and reviews not in-depth enough
Direct access to job postings Lacks depth in job-search
Personalised job recommendations Fewer benefits ratings than Glassdoor
Helpful for already established professionals


Utilizing ZipRecruiter to source job seekers and make a successful hire is an increasingly popular option. With an easy-to-use platform and a slew of features it’s clear why. ZipRecruiter streamlines the process from start to finish including job posting and applicant tracking. It boasts a large database of potential candidates and heavily emphasizes candidate/employer matchmaking.

When posting job openings employers can expect quick and easy setup. The job board instantly posts ads across job boards and social media platforms optimizing the candidate search. ZipRecruiter also provides pre-screening questions and applicant tracking which allows employers to monitor candidate progress through funnel stages. Additionally employers have access to powerful tools to search and filter candidates according to certain criteria.

ZipRecruiter also assists employers by receiving feedback on job performance and candidate satisfaction. This information can serve to benchmark employers’ recruitment processes against industry standards while also helping them to make better hiring decisions in the future.

It’s easy to see why employers would be drawn to potentially superior candidate matches improved internal recruitment processes and access to actionable insights. However it’s important to note that ZipRecruiter does charge for its services and the pricing model is tiered rather than a flat fee.


Easy-to-use platform
Job postings across job boards and social media platforms
Pre-screening questions and applicant tracking
Candidate matchmaking
Actionable insights into job performance and candidate satisfaction


Pricing model is tiered
No free options
No clear view of applicant resumes
No option for direct contact with applicants


Akin to Glassdoor for reviews Monster is an online career resource offering over 600000 employers and more job openings for users to sift through. It is more closely linked to job searching in comparison to its competitor Glassdoor with the added bonus of r?m?uidance and advice from recruitment professionals.

Competition from companies such as LinkedIn and Indeed furthers the quantity of job postings while the use of automated matching algorithms and an AI-powered chatbot allow Monster to provide users with a dynamic job search experience.

Using these unique tools Monster allows its users to easily manage and track their job applications as well as engage in tailor-made job recommendations. Moreover the powerful filtration system allows its users to filter job postings according to location salary experience and title.


Pros Glassdoor Monster
Job Database Variety of Employers Automated Matching Algorithms
Detailed Company Reviews Personalized Job Recommendations Artificial Intelligence-powered Chatbot
Powerful Filtration System Resume Guidance Manage + Track Job Applications


Cons Glassdoor Monster
Fewer Job Postings Minimal Personalization Limited Database
Content Quality Limited AI-Capacity No Comprehensive Company Profiles
Flagging System No Automated Matching Algorithms User Interface Issues

In conclusion Monster is a suitable alternative to Glassdoor when it comes to a job search portal. Its array of tools and resources including the AI-powered chatbot provide a more personalized job searching experience. However Monster still falls short when compared with its competitor in terms of job postings and content quality.


For an alternative to Glassdoor CareerBuilder stands out for many job seekers. Established in 1995 it has been helping millions of people to find jobs and also build careers. The site is extremely user-friendly and there is a large collection of tools available to help job seekers.

Using the ‘Advanced Job Search’ feature users can filter by industry employers location salary and more. This helps job seekers narrow down their search exactly to what they hope to find. Additionally the ‘MyJobs’ feature allows users to get the latest job listings save their searches apply for jobs and be alerted to new job postings.


Job search filters
Easy-to-use job search tools
Large collection of job postings
‘MyJobs’ feature


No reviews or ratings of employers
No salary comparisons
No job offers/candidates tracking feature

CareerBuilder provides one of the best ways for job seekers to search for job opportunities. It’s user-friendly interface and powerful filtering tools make it a great alternative to Glassdoor. However it does lack in certain features such as employer reviews salary comparisons and job offers/candidates tracking overlook.

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