The world of video gaming has made a huge leap forward in recent times but with that comes a problem: finding the right gaming platform for your needs. Many gamers have found themselves stuck with Hoxhud a popular gaming platform but it has its drawbacks. Fortunately there is an alternative: SourceMod.

SourceMod is a free and open-source gaming platform that has been gaining traction in the gaming community. It is a powerful and reliable platform that allows gamers to customize their gaming experience. It has a wide variety of features and tools that can be used to create unique gaming experiences.

SourceMod has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use. It also has a wide range of plugins and mods that can be used to customize the game. SourceMod also has a large community of gamers who provide support and advice for those who are new to the platform.

Pros Cons
– Free and open-source
– Intuitive interface
– Large community of gamers
– Variety of features and tools

– Not as popular as Hoxhud
– Fewer plugins and mods available

Hoxhud alternative


Explosively Guacamelee! is one of the most popular alternatives to Hoxhud. This indie Mexican style side-scroller and ?Metroidvania? style platformer create an exciting combination for players. Featuring complex and challenging levels stocky characters and intense soundtrack this game keeps you enthralled with its intricacy.

Engrossingly puzzles secrets and secrets-within-secrets inject this game with even more life and longevity begging you to explore further. What?s more the ability to switch between two planes of existence with the simple touch of a button delivers an extraordinary gaming experience. With a vibrant visually pleasing world bursting with hand crafted visuals Guacamelee! is an eye-catching gem.

Pros Cons
Captivating Mexican themed graphics Game is quite challenging
Exquisite and intricate level design Can only play solo
Excellent soundtrack Frequent saving of the game is necessary
Smooth and creative fighting mechanics Multiplayer mode is unavailable

Overall if you are looking for an alternative to Hoxhud Guacamelee! is an ideal choice. Its challenging levels and thrilling soundtrack combined with its smooth and creative fighting mechanics have made this game one of the most popular alternatives to Hoxhud.

Red Eclipse

Metamorphosing from its humble beginnings as a Quake 3 scenario arena mod Red Eclipse is an open development first-person shooter game that is a potent alternative to Hoxhud. Its popularity with the PC gaming community continues to swell thanks to its flexible development process innovative mechanic modifications and a slew of recent updates.

The game taps into the Quake-era nostalgia and intertwines it with modern characteristics to create a perfect shooter blend. It facilitates a large variety of mouselook controls and incorporates an inventive zero-friction method which is done with an always-on jet-jump. It helps express the acrobatic jump and has become a vital part of the core gameplay.

The game has also added a grappling hook to the mix as well as countless new weapons. It also provides multiple options for game styles and its single player options like parkour vehicle races and search & destroy are its most revered features.

Red Eclipse comes with various features that make it distinct from Hoxhud such as the scalability of game rules a procedurally generated map system and an advanced RPG element for character customisation.

Pros Cons
– Grappling hook – Occasional lag
– Zero-friction jet jumping – Learning curve can be steep
– RPG element for customisation – No online/multiplayer support
– Flexible development process – Lower graphical quality than Hoxhud

Unreal Tournament 2004

Following Hoxhud’s closingmany players are searching for an alternative. Unreal Tournament 2004 developed by Epic Games is one of the most popular options. This long-running shooter franchise has been around since 1999 and the 2004 installment comes with thousands of servers so players can still find friends to play with.

The gameplay in Unreal Tournament 2004 includes death match capture the flag team death match and domination. It also has tons of weapons and levels. The graphicssound and textures are a bit dated compared to modern games but it still looks and plays smooth.

The uniqueness of the game lies in its modding abilities. The modding is popular amongst gamers offering a huge range of customizations levels weapons and vehicles for players to choose from creating different play-styles.


Pros Cons
Lots of servers Graphics and sound are dated
Different game modes No official servers
Modding possibilities Lack of content

Overall Unreal Tournament 2004 is a great option for gamers looking for a Hoxhud alternative. It offers a similar style of game play and modding possibilities but with a slightly more dated aesthetic.


Heeding the call for a worthy Hoxhud alternative is Warsow. Initially released in 2005 and now decade-old Warsow is still pleasing many gamers by offering a similarly-entertaining martial arts-based cyber-sport experience as Hoxhud.

The visuals of Warsow though dated certainly have a charm of their own. Utilizing a cartoon-like vibrant brightly-hued color palette surely will appeal to many ? gamers and non-gamers alike. There’s a grand scope of maps to choose from with settings varying from a village in the woods to a fast-paced spaceship arena.

The game-play itself is fast-paced and frenetic built upon acrobatic movement fast-draw weapons and bone-breaking punishing melee. Warsow also offers a unique feature dubbed “warsow TV”; by which one player can act as a cameraman or director and simultaneously record and live-stream the game.

Pros and Cons

| Pros | Cons |
| Wide range of maps | Cartoony visuals |
| Fast-paced gameplay | Decade-old game |
| Unique recording/streaming feature | No update since 2012 |

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