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Do you need a car, auto dealer joomla template? Download this one for free and use it on your website. Works with all kinds of websites as long as it is joomla 1.6.
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  1. ian4614 Reply

    How can I add a menu to this template,, i have tried and tried and I can not get the top menu to show. Pls help

  2. Ron Reply


    I cant seem to add the text to the grey box on the top right side. Need some help please.


  3. Tim96 Reply


    Can anybody please tell me how to use the newsflashload in the header?

    i don’t find the right position when setting up the module.

  4. holla Reply

    I have a question:

    If there is nothing in the left position, but for example “Who’s online” in the right position, the module isn’t at the top of the page, but it’s under the article. Is it a bug or something like that? Could I change the module positions?

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