In the world of real-time applications the need for efficient data streaming solutions is paramount. But with so many services on the market it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your needs. Pusher is a popular choice for many developers but it may not be the best for everyone. In this article we’ll explore a Pusher alternative: PubNub.


PubNub is a real-time data streaming platform that allows developers to quickly and easily build real-time applications with minimal effort. It offers a range of features including real-time messaging data storage and analytics as well as a powerful API for customizing applications. PubNub also offers a free tier which is great for developers who are just getting started.

Pusher alternative is an open-source real-time communication library for Node.js applications that provides a life-cycle for bi-directional communication between clients and a server. features a cross-platform API for supporting many transports such as WebSockets polling transports and cross-domain communication. It provides a consistent API for all clients allowing for uniform implementation of real-time applications. is a full-featured library that can be used to build applications of almost any scale. is commonly used to build real-time applications such as chat notifications and collaborative learning tools. With a user can send and receive messages and run multiple events within a single query such as listening to events emitted by other users. allows for real-time two-way data binding between users without any need for refreshing.


Pros Cons
Cross-platform API Lacks some features found in Pusher
Uniform implementations for real-time applications Limited security features compared to same-domain only binding.
Real-time two-way data binding Not as widely used as Pusher


Metamorphosing the mobile development arena Firebase has made waves as an alternative to Pusher. Founded in 2011 the data storage and real-time synchronization platform has garnered 1.5 million developers since its launch. It simply stores and retrieve data instantly and lets users craft the best possible tools to create an unparalleled user experience.

The platform provides an event-driven bidirectional exchange of information using Firebase Cloud Messaging which makes it possible for developers to deploy live changes across all platforms. Additionally its thoughtfully-crafted data synchronization ensures that users have full control over every interaction making it a powerful top-of-the-line offering when it comes to choosing a real-time data sync service over Pusher.

The distinctive features of Firebase that separate it from Pusher include drastic cost savings dynamic content delivery and automated backups. Moreover it is easier to set up than Pusher as it does not require extra configuration- instead developers can get up and running in no time.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Ease of setup Unsuitable for large-scale projects
Cost savings No real-time data aggregation
Dynamic content delivery Limited security features
Automated backups Not ideal for dealing with large amounts of data


Innovatively Mirrorfly is an effective replacement for Pusher in certain situations. Mirrorfly provides a cloud-based messaging platform for delivering real-time secure messaging audio and video calling file/document sharing and custom chatbot building capabilities. It is specially designed for businesses who prefer to create interactive conversations and offer customer service without the need of a developer.

Mirrorfly comes with advanced features such as optimized data transfer speeds encryption of communication channels and customer messaging profiles. It is integrated with Office 365 Salesforce SAP and Oracle systems to provide end-to-end real-time messaging solutions. This integration allows companies to provide an enhanced customer experience as they connect with customers more effectively.

Even better Mirrorfly is also mobile-optimized making it easy to respond to customer queries on the go. It has the ability to connect some of the most popular CRM systems and the platform works seamlessly with the customer service channels like iOS and Android. What’s more Mirrorfly also has a drag-and-drop-based builder to target specially designed products for businesses.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Integrations with Office 365 Salesforce SAP & Oracle Interfaces don’t have plenty of themes and UI content
Advanced features such as encryption of communication channels Less intuitive than more user-friendly applications
Mobile-optimized No open-source APIs
Drag-and-drop-based builder Expensive for small businesses

Bevywise IoT Platform

Surmounting the traditional Bevywise IoT Platform offers a comprehensive and modernized Pusher alternative. It leverages the latest advancements in cloud computing edge computing and multi-cloud technology to meet the demands of modern messaging apps. By utilizing enterprise grade technology the platform provides reliable messaging between machines applications edge devices and other connected devices.

Furthermore Bevywise IoT Platform is tailored to provide a secure messaging infrastructure with no single point of failure. It also offers encryption of data at rest and in motion while providing flexibility in the form of integration through well established MQTT and custom API.

This system is also optimized for lower latency and improved throughput with persistent connections that can be continuously monitored and improved. Additionally it comes with the benefit of built-in scalability automation and proactive monitoring. Consequently it can be trusted to ensure the maximum performance and reliability.

Pros Cons
-Secure messaging infrastructure
-Optimized for lower latency and improved throughput
-Built-in scalability and automation
-Efficient integration
-Higher associated costs
-More complex setup
-Requires in-depth understanding of systems

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