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This is a really simply but professional looking template which would work great for any type of website. You can easily change the logo of the template to anything related to your website. Get it FREE!!!!!
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  1. tholo Reply

    how do i change the logo on this template?

    i cant find any instructions.


  2. admin Reply

    You simply have to change the image from the images folder called logo.png. Simply put another logo.png image there. Hope this helps

    • admin Reply

      Sorry I have no idea. Maybe it’s missing from the templateDetails.xml file? Take a look and add it.

  3. Andrey Reply

    Thank you! I added user4 to the templateDetails.xml file. Now everything is fine.

  4. Tristan Reply

    Can anyone give me a quick step guide to adding the drop down menu. I see in the live demo that its possible, though i have yet to figure it out myself.

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Alejandro Reply

    I´m from Argentina! I don´t see the right column in mi site on Internet Explorer 8. I´m using this template! help me please!!

  6. galinda Reply


    I need to download the uncomplicated free joomla theme for Joomla 1.5. But unfortunatelly I can’t. When I click the “live demo”, I can see the demo. When I click the “download”, there is no reaction. So I can’t download this. How can I do?

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